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We're an online yoga studio with a light-heart. You'll get our signature good-vibe yoga classes and meditations to take anywhere and everywhere, with new content added every month.

And, as a member, you'll also have access to our Facebook community group to ask questions, connect with other yogis, and vote for new content you want to see.

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What you'll get

Get your first month half price and you'll have immediate access to:

Yoga & Meditation Tutorials

Whether you're a true beginner or seasoned shape-maker, there's a yoga and meditation practice on TYR TV for you. We've started with 24 videos and we'll add new bundles every month.

TYR TV Community

Join our closed Facebook group and become a part of the family! You'll be able to ask questions about your practice, connect with fellow TYR TVers, and vote for new content.

Pricing Options

Yoga for the same price as an all-out fancy-woo cocktail. And it's *way* better, we promise.

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New content added every month

Access to our community

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Latest Content

Here's the stuff that's just landed...

"The Mini Morning Rituals are SO amazing! Chloe's voice (and her words) are beautiful and I love to wake up with her."


"There's something about the tutorials on TYR TV that's more easy going than any other online yoga I've seen. It helps that Chloe's an amazing teacher, too! I can't wait to see how the platform grows!!"


"[Chloe makes] meditation so easy to do ❤️"


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It's yoga for beginners, intermediates and everyone in-between. It's yoga for when you don't have enough time, or don't want to spend much money. It's yoga to feel a bit better, stronger, fitter, more open. It's yoga to increase your superpowers. All from where you are right now.

Get 50% off your first month

About Chloe & The Yoga Revolution

It's light-hearted, music-centred yoga that doesn't take itself too seriously. Whatever your size, shape, ability or outlook on life, this is your yoga. Watch the video below, or hit the link to find out more.

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